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Take a trip to Iceland. So hot right now!

Take a trip to Iceland. So hot right now!


Iceland may be the best-kept travel secret out there, I doubt this lasts for long though.  Mountains, rivers, glaciers, & waterfalls await for you at every corner in this beautiful and tiny country.  Iceland's population is about the same as St Louis, most of which is centered in Reykjavik. When I told my friend Chris that’s where I wanted to start our European adventure he was skeptical and even more so when I told him we’d be in a campervan the whole time.  A $200 one-way ticket later, we were in the land of fire and ice.

We were able to find crazy cheap flight deals on Wow Air, a new Icelandic airline.  Even if you're heading elsewhere in mainland Europe, utilize Wow to get over to Reykjavik for a long layover to see a bit of this crazy cool country.  Most Iceland trips start and end in Reyk, we opted for a camper van rental so we can maximize time outside of the city.  

What to prepare.  The time of year you head to Iceland will totally change your experience.  July & August are the most popular months, with long days and the best weather of the year around 60 degrees.  September & October are also popular, less crowded and expensive, slightly cooler but a better chance to see the northern lights!  Camper Vans tend to sell out a month or so in advance, we used Happy Campers and were very happy with our experience.  Make sure to bring comfortable & warm hiking gear, a light rain jacket, bathing suits, and SOCKS.  Don't forget good wool socks! 

What we learned after one week in Iceland

  • The food sucks.  Seriously their national food is gas station hot dogs.  Grocery store noodles & pasta sauce has never tasted better than out of the backseat of our camper van in front of a waterfall at sunset though.
  • Just go man.  The beauty of Iceland is spontaneously pulling over for exploration along the 2 lane highway known as the Ring Road.  
  • When asking for directions, you'll want a map.  Unless you want to try and pronounce Seyðisfjörður or Ísafjörður
  • You're going to lose track of time.  The sun is out ALL DAY.  It was only dark for 3-4 hours per day when we were there in July.  Don't forget your Sendies!
  • I would absolutely, 100%, undeniably, do this trip again.

Highlights for us we're The Blue Lagoon

 Overutilizing TLC Lyrics in Instagram Captions

Our Nightly Dinner Views


Keeping it ICY

Random Signs of Civilization Along the Way

The Irresistible Urge to Cannonball into Geo-Thermal Baths


If you're heading to Iceland and would like our itinerary shoot us a note!  


Paintball at Pablo Escobar's house and why else to visit COLOMBIA.

Paintball at Pablo Escobar's house and why else to visit COLOMBIA.

Colombia rivals (and dare I say beats) California as one of the most geographically diverse countries on the planet.  Don’t want to choose between beaches, snow capped mountains, surf, tropics, and mountains? No worries, Colombia has it all.  Not to mention ass kicking coffee, incredible & inexpensive food, as well as a passionate and embracing people who will keep you out dancing until the late hours of the night.

Kidnapping & drugs may be what you‘ve historically known Colombia before, but the country is shedding it’s Narcos vibes as the new hot spot to visit in South America.  That said, the effects of a decades long drug war that killed over 200,000 people are still evident, especially in Medellin. Here, Pablo Escobar was king.  His cartel controlled 80% of the global drug trade, bringing in $240 Million in USD per WEEK. In 1989 he was the 7th richest man in the world. That didn’t come without expenses though.  10% of his revenue was written off to account for the rats that would eat his buried dough. Oh and he also had to pay $2,500 for rubber bands to count his cash each month.

Pablo’s Escobar’s empire owned houses all across Colombia but few as famous as La Manuela Ranch.  Resting on Guatape Lake, the estate has swimming pool, horse stables, soccer fields, & its own discotech.  Eight months before Pablo was killed by the DEA & Colombian forces, this house was bombed with 200kg of TNT by a rival group Los Pepes (“People persecuted by Pablo Escobar”).  Today, you can tour the property and have your own “shootout” through Escobar Paintball Company.  Your day starts in Medellin where you’ll jeep & boat to the compound through the same hills where Pablo’s 200 person private security once roamed.  Come game time, prepare for an all out shoot out between team Los Pepes & team Pablo. Word to the wise, if you volunteer to be Pablo, expect a rough ending to your day...

Our Pablo tour was badass & informative, but Colombia gave us so much more in the weeks that followed.  Some of our other Colombian Highlights.  

Penol Rock- Hike to the top for great views of Lake Guatape.  Great place to send it and do some skydiving or hang gliding.

Coffee plantations near Salento- Colombia's second most favorite export, coffee, is as good as it gets.  

Tayrona National Park- And book a hammock here for the night.


The Walled City of Cartagena-  Check out Colombia's Caribbean side

Day trip to Cholon- Where else could you drink 10 coco loco’s?

Lost City- Hike 4 to 6 days through the Sierras to a city that predates Machu Pichu

Don’t let your mom scare you, Colombia is totally safe.  As long as you’re not the target in Pablo paintball.  

Heading to Colombia?  Email us know for more travel tips (and so we can have you bring us back coffee).  

5 Awesome Day Trips from San Francisco.

5 Awesome Day Trips from San Francisco.

San Francisco you are a beauty.  When we're not spending our weekends brunching, at the park, or tearing up the dance floor there's nothing better than rallying the troops for a spontaneous day trip.  No car? No problem. Check out getaround for a cheap option to get your whip for the day.  Or utilize our favorite mode of transportation.

If we’re MIA on a Saturday, here’s where you can find team Sendies.

Tomales Bay has 15 breathtaking miles of coastal views and hikes.   Once you’ve worked up an appetite exploring, head to Hog Island or Tomales Bay Oyster co to wash down freshly plucked oysters with ice cold beer.  

Fan of waterfalls?  How about beaches, wooded trails & swimming holes?  Yeah, us too. The Palomarin trail to Alamere falls has it all.  An 8.4 mile round trip, bring food and post up for a scenic lunch here.

Santa Cruz is what you always imagined California to be like.  Surf, beach bars, & hippie vibes. Less than 2 hours from San Francisco, it’s the perfect day trip for a sunny beach outing.  If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s no better place to jump out of a plane over the Pacific and land on the beach. 

Dipsea Trail to Stinson rivals Alamere Falls on our top hikes list.  Kicking off in Mill Valley, grab an Equator coffee & start your 5 mile trek to Stinson beach.  Along the way, head through Muir Woods & the Pacific coastline. By the time you get to Stinson you’ll be very ready for a beer and sandwich on the beach.  Not feeling the 5 mile trek back? There’s a shuttle that will take you back to Mill Valley that runs hourly.

Yosemite National Park is a shrine to the power of nature.  Enjoy the majesty of granite, glaciers & the giant Sequoia trees nestled in the Sierras.

Saving the best for last, Big Sur is the pinnacle of the California coast.  The two-lane highway 1, in its misty cliffside splendor, takes you right through Big Sur state park and its most famous locale, the Bixby Creek bridge.  Big Sur can be tackled in a day, but for the full state park experience, spend a night in a coastal yurt.


We present these ideas with optimism that you weren’t burning the midnight oil to hard.  If you were, there’s always the urban outdoors of Tipsy Pigs back patio!